Prewriting: I have two titles that I find interesting but no story behind them. Currently writing: I’m wrapping up Part 3 of my graphic novel and have written the teaser and first act of the Sleepy Hollow spec. In revisions: Nothing at the moment. I plan on tackling a short I wrote in January soon.

Every week or so, I hope to give you an update on what I am currently working on: Prewriting: A spec script for Sleepy Hollow. I want to apply for some television fellowships this May so I need to get cracking on that. Currently writing: The first draft of a graphic novel entitled “Of Fates […]

Hello, I’m MK and this is my blog. I’ll be talking about mainly my writing process as well as things I saw on TV. Be sure to poke around and check out my writing samples, links to other blogs I written for, and ask a question if you have one. Thanks for stopping by.