I did a thing: 2015 Resolutions Edition

This was originally a page on my Tumblr but since the year is ending, I’ve archived it on my blog. Below is 2015 for me. I didn’t achieve every goal but I am overall proud of what I have done and excited for the new year.

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Writing Wednesday: December 30,2015

I’m probably currently flying in the air right now as this goes live. The joys of scheduled posts. This writing Wednesday is super sized because I’ll be going over my 2015 progress and previewing my writing resolutions for 2016.

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Writing Wednesday: December 15,2015

We’re two weeks from December and I’m currently reviewing my 2015 writing year and planning for 2016. I’ll be sure to write my musings in a separate post.  Anyway, here’s what’s going on at my desk:  Pre-writing: I’ve picked out what story I’ll be writing for my personal #ZD30draft in January and there is also […]

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