TV Thinky Thoughts: Minority Report Edition

It’s one of my favorite times of year – Fall TV Premiere season.  After a summer full of Ballers, MasterChef, and many shows with tiny houses, I am ready for meaty narratives. I have a lot of TV boxes that need to be checked. Minority Report is checking the Sci-Fi procedure and the Cop show box.

TV Thinky Thoughts: Riding on a plane edition

So I’ve been traveling a lot lately, hence the slight radio silence on the blog. I will say this that the new perk of being able to watch TV on a four hour flight is amazing and I want it to never end. While on these Delta flights, I got to catch up on myContinue reading “TV Thinky Thoughts: Riding on a plane edition”

TV Thinky Thoughts: American Crime Edition

So I’ve been watching American Crime recently. Light Spoilers Ahead. ( It’s not the best show but it’s interesting. The season finale is next week and honestly I can’t wait because I just want to know how the “American Crime” happened. I never did have the patience for long drawn out mysteries. Also this showContinue reading “TV Thinky Thoughts: American Crime Edition”

TV Thinky Thoughts: House of Cards season 3 Edition

So, I just finished HOC Season 3 two weeks ago and I have been mulling and mulling. I was not as pleased as I was at the end of season 2. Some of that may have been the tonal shift, some of it may have to do with the fact that I watched 13 hours ofContinue reading “TV Thinky Thoughts: House of Cards season 3 Edition”