Writing Wednesday: February 10, 2016

It’s the first day of Lent. The First Day of Lent and I am already ready to celebrate Easter. I’ve decided that for the next 40 days, I’m going to “Use my time wisely”. So vague but I tend to procrastinate a lot and I am going to need God’s help to stop that. Also, itContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: February 10, 2016”

Writing Wednesday: December 15,2015

We’re two weeks from December and I’m currently reviewing my 2015 writing year and planning for 2016. I’ll be sure to write my musings in a separate post.  Anyway, here’s what’s going on at my desk:  Pre-writing: I’ve picked out what story I’ll be writing for my personal #ZD30draft in January and there is alsoContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: December 15,2015”

Writing Wednesday: December 9, 2015

Two types of Sickness is going around my day job and I’m dodging it hardcore.  Anyway on to the show.  Pre-writing: I need to decide if I’m going to only write a zero draft of a new script or zero draft and participate in RW31script with The Blacklist. I don’t think I’ll have the timeContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: December 9, 2015”