TV Thinky Thoughts: Grey’s Anatomy Edition

My mom is breaking up with Grey’s Anatomy and I think it is the funniest thing ever.

WARNING: SPOILERS for Grey’s Anatomy including last week’s.

A bit of a background, my mom has watched Grey’s Anatomy since it came on in 2004. She has watched every episode and stuck through such horrible storylines as Denny Ghost sex. (Ugh, Denny Ghost Sex). I however have broken up with Grey’s twice. I saw the first 3 seasons, got bored, came back for the best two hours of TV in my opinion with the shooter in the hospital season 6 finale, left, came back in at the season 8 finale and have intermediately stayed.

I don’t expect much from Grey’s. I don’t watch it hoping for things to happen and my stress level has been pretty low for it. I watch Scandal the same way. I just strap into the Shondaland roller coaster and ride. It’s easy and stress-free. The only goal is to get me to the next episode.

Mom watches TV without expectations for the most part too, but with the death of Derek Shepherd, she got off the ride. Now, she says it’s because she doesn’t know why Shonda had to drag out his death. I say because of she got sick of the Drama.

But her TV Breakup reminded me of a quote I heard years ago(I’m paraphrasing): “TV will always upset, it will leave too early or stay too late.”

It’s true thought and I think Grey’s Anatomy has been on too long but I know why it has. But TV breakups are hard and she says she’s not watching the rest of the season. I don’t think she’ll watch it live but it makes me a bit sad.

Grey’s was a part of my mom’s life for a long time and it will leave a big hole in her life. I love TV, most people do and I never fault anyone who gets emotionally invested in characters. Written well, characters are supposed to seem like people. We are supposed to care. Also storytelling is super powerful.

In my mom’s case, she’ll be fine. She doesn’t get too emotionally invested and I still plan on watching Grey’s. She can hear it from me. Also she has HBO Now so I think she’ll be fine.


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