TV Thinky Thoughts: American Crime Edition

So I’ve been watching American Crime recently. Light Spoilers Ahead.


It’s not the best show but it’s interesting. The season finale is next week and honestly I can’t wait because I just want to know how the “American Crime” happened. I never did have the patience for long drawn out mysteries. Also this show is too realistic to want to watch 13 episodes of.

That being said, I noticed that this show is doing a interesting thing with showing the relationship between parents and children.

Now I love writing about familial relationships so I tend to gravitate to them in my viewing practices. The story goes that a man was murdered and his wife gravely injured due to a home robbery, or so it seems. The suspects are a man from Mexico named Hector, two drug addicts in love, Carter and Aubrey, and a kid named Tony.

Now through out the series, we have had people shuffle in and out of jail with very degrees of “parental guidance”.

  • Tony, the kid, is raised by a single father who came Mexico for a better life. Tony thinks his dad doesn’t know anything about anything until Tony is treated how a brown kid in the system is treated. He gets put in juvie and when out goes back for another offense. The kid who looked out for him gets killed and Tony is ready to get out and go home. Alonzo, Tony’s dad, never gave up on him and basically ruins his own life to get Tony home.
  • Carter, one of the drug addicts, has his sister Aliyah badgering the cops, the prosecutor’s office, to make sure Carter has his due process and to be freed when it is clear he did not do it.
  • Aubrey, the other drug addict, has her adoptive father come in and try to get her sober. And try to get her a lawyer. And tries to get her help at every turn.
  • Hector has no one and has to fight for himself.

Now I say “parental” guidance because Carter only has his sister but she is such an older sister that I am going to put her in a parental role for this analysis. This show has had a running theme of the Parent saying”I am going to stand by you and advocate for you. I am here even if you don’t want me to be.” Some of the kids in turn goes through the stages of “Go Away. I don’t need your help. Never mind, I do. Please help me.” So far only Tony and Carter have asked for an advocate. Aubrey is determined to handle this on her own. Even the parents of the murdered man are there advocating for their child.  The only person who is alone is Hector and he looks so tired and scared that as a viewer, I sometimes want to support him even though he has done some horrible things.

Most of the parents look tired and beatdown but they are determined to do what’s right for their child. I don’t know how this season is going to end but I am sure that not everyone is going to get what they want. But what does this say about parenting? In this case, that it is a long and hard job that is never over and sometimes thankless. That it’s rewarding in the sense of when you protect your child?

I hope not. This show is already sad enough.


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