I Did A Thing: Spec TV Script Edition

So I wrote a TV Spec for the current Writing Fellowships going on (ABC, NBC, NHMC). It was a Sleepy Hollow spec that was harder than anything I have ever written.

I don’t think I was all the way ready to write it because this is what I learned:

  1. I think I did a good thing on writing something that I actually like and watch. I’ve written about my love of Abbie Mills before. So translating that into a script was like writing fanfic(which I don’t write, maybe I should?)
  2. It’s very difficult to write in someone else’s voice while maintaining your own. I will admit, I’m still finding my voice in my writing and to toe the line was an exercise in making myself crazy.
  3. Writing for a show that you have no idea where they are going the next season is such a challenge. I’ve watched every episode of Sleepy Hollow and between the new show runner and the different tones between the first and second season, I have no idea where they were going. I am curious to find out though.
  4. I feel that writing a TV spec is so disingenuous of the actual TV writing process because I needed several someones to bounce off plot points with. I needed a writer’s room so bad.
  5. It made me realize how much I want to write for TV. I liked the process of writing it despite the challenges

It was an experience. One I may try again in the near future. Fox’s writing fellowship app opens in September, I can work on another script and be ready by then.


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