Life Thinky Thoughts: I’m growing up.

I recently spent the weekend in Savannah, Georgia for a bachelorette party. I went to school in Savannah and to return was a great experience.

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But something happened this weekend.

Weddings are a time of reflection and the whole time, we kept comparing Savannah to what we remembered. We found that some stores had moved, others had closed and the Savannah we left in 2012 was not the same Savannah in 2015.

I came home and in discussing what to wear on the upcoming wedding weekend, I had a revelation. I’m growing up. I’m 25 and I’m growing up.

And I hate it. I’m fighting it at every turn. It’s subconscious I know but I am resisting my change.

I’m making peace with it and I know I’m ready but change is hard. It’s scary but I have to remember that no adult knows what they are doing. Not really.

My mom likes to tell me that I am not the only one walking around confused about what to do.

I am growing up more. I can do this.

But boy does it suck.


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