Life Thinky Thoughts: I got a Fitbit and I’m getting healthier as a result.

So I got a Fitbit. The clip one, which tracks my steps and calories burned and helps me log my water intake and food eaten. It’s actually been great for me.

I’m a numbers person, if I see the data I get it and man, Fitbit will make you angry at what you eat. That box of Cheez-its you just ate without counting out the servings? Just blew your daily intake. It’s amazing how I’ve started eating food because I look at the serving size and the amount of calories before I buy a food. The serving size is no longer a suggestion.

I’ve also been super hydrated. I usually am but I go days where I hardly drink or eat anything and this log stopped one in its track because I saw what I was doing.

I haven’t started exercising because eww but as my mom says “First things first.” I’m happy my diet is changing and that I’m taking care not to eat a full bag of chips in one sitting.

Still growing up, but this aspect is more fun.


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