I Did a Thing: #ZD30Script edition 

So I finished a first draft in a month.

It’s awful and I have no actual plans at the moment to polish it into anything I would want to remotely put out there with my name on it but here’s the thing.

I finished a script draft. I haven’t really finished anything since August and that was a graphic novel script. I haven’t finished anything film/tv related that was a brand new idea since February. Every thing that I have been working on lately has been old ideas that I’ve been dusting off. While that is good and necessary, it doesn’t help me as a writer in the long run. I need to be able to generate and execute new ideas on a regular basis. So go me! This feeling of completion is something that I plan on celebrating for the next two weeks.

I also realized that I liked this rapid writing and I plan on doing it twice a year-once in January and once in July. Just to keep me writing and finishing drafts.

So congrats to me and everyone else who finished a draft in November!


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