Writing Wednesday: January 13, 2016

First Writing Wednesday of the year and it’s my mom’s birthday. Let’s get into it.

I’m doing GoIntoTheStory’s 1,2,7,14 plan this year. It’s great, you read one script, watch 2 movies, write 7 pages and do 14 hours of story prep a week. I love and I’ve done it before so I will cruise on this. More info here.

So here’s my 1, 2, 7, 14

Reading:  Mr. Robot pilot by Sam Esmail

Movies: Advantageous (Netflix), Creed (In theaters),  and Spy(Blu-Ray)

Pages: Final pages of Birth Day script draft

Prep: Jamestown is getting prepped. I could finish this draft by the end of January.

Both Birth Day and Jamestown  are part of my very loose #RW31Script challenge for this month.



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