#RW31Draft and #Leapdraft

With it being the first day of February almost upon us, I say:

  1. Happy Black History Month
  2. Let’s talk writing.

In January I was a part of GoIntoTheStory’s #RW31Draft which was to rewrite a script in 31 days. I worked on two. Jamestown and Birth Day. While both need a TON of more work. I am pleased that I did. I plan on letting them rest before starting a big rewrite on one of themes so it can go into the Nicholl’s in April. Whichever is the least painful, I guess.

This month, I am going to be a part of Maggie Levin’s #leapdraft which is writing a new script in 29 days. I’m writing a pilot.

I’m writing more this past two months then I did in the last four. Which is good. Writing with people, even over the internet, is great. Accountability buddies are the way I work.

So I’m off to put fingers to the keyboard. Happy Writing friends.


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