#leapdraft update: Week 1

It’s all about accountability and the reason I write these updates is so that I see the work that I am doing. So on to the update:

It’s been 7 days of #leapdraft and I’ve started a Pilot, got a better idea, scrapped the original pilot and have written new pages.

I tend to do that a lot so I wasn’t surprised. I think that this is a hour long drama but it could be like Netflix or Amazon with zero commercials and ends up being 45 minutes. I’m not really writing with a concrete idea in mind which is good.

The bright side of this leapdraft is that I’m not writing science fiction. I’ve decided to step outside of my comfort zone on this one and I’m liking it.

I can see the improvement in my writing from the last time I wrote a dramedy. I wouldn’t consider this script to be a Foster Family pilot anymore but I’ll keep the tag for consistency sake.

So I’m happy with the progress and I’m so excited about this idea that I am willing to write a show bible (Which I hate doing).


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