Winter 2016 TV Theory:UPDATE

Let’s update my TV theories!

  • How to Get Away with Murder: Who shot Annalise (and that annoying ADA)? Right now, working theory is Asher because he has a giant secret. Could be one of those incest siblings too. WAS CORRECT ABOUT ASHER KILLING SOMEONE BUT WRONG ON WHO SHOT ANNALISE. 
  • Quantico: Who set up Alex Parrish? I stand by my pilot theory that Liam O’Connor did. He had her watched by Booth and knew her father. STILL IN PLAY
  • Minority Report: The PreCogs get found out due to something they do. This is a classic trope in that what you try to prevent from happening happens because you tried to stop it. I was totally right in the idea that by trying to prevent being used in the milk bath, they end up in the milk bath. RIP MINORITY REPORT, you were a fun show.
  • Scandal: Fitz gets impeached. They have a good case for it. And Susan would be president which would be great. That fictional America would be in good hands. WRONG, he wasn’t impeached. But Olivia dumped him so that was a salve for the wound.

I’m very impressed that we still don’t know who set up Alex on Quantico. I was prepared for that to wrap up quick but that show is dragging it out.


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