More reading than writing

2017-07-29 13.20.04

I got that fortune at the end of July at PF Chang’s and I still have it. This was around the time I kept having dreams where I was meeting famous black content creators and they were my friends. I have no idea what any of this means but I think it means something.

Anyway I’m allowing my rewrites to marinate in my brain and have been reading 2 books. Why 2 books? Because I can never just read one.

The first: Filmmakers and Financing  by Louise Levison. It’s super informative and also very technical. I’m talking business plans. If I’m going to make this movie, I should know how to get some money.

The Second: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. I love a good mystery and the movie is coming out and it’s directed by Kenneth Branagh (one of my favorite directors) so I figured I should read it before seeing it.

Also going on:

  • Work had a book swap and I got two books: one on directing and one with really cool Science Fiction Movie poster art. I’m in love with that poster art book.
  • I found a new Cryptogram app and I stayed up a little too long playing it on my iPad.
  • I made scrambled eggs for my breakfast this week and I’m surprised how much I liked them. I didn’t like eggs for a long time. Apparently I need to revisit some other foods.
  • School here starts next week and I’m dreading the traffic around my apartment.



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