Movies are taking over my mind



The shorts I directed are done and I’m still on my high!

The 2 one minute shorts that I did back in October are finally done and on my Vimeo. I mentioned in a previous post how I felt so much joy and I still do.

I can still feel the joy that I had and I want to keep directing. Which is good, because that’s what I want to do with my life.


The feature that I want to direct soon is almost done. I know what I want to do with it and I know that it’s going to take about 5-7 more pages which keeps my pages  less than 100. I think a 90-95 minute first film is a good first.

I’ve also have gotten into VFX and color correcting. ell, I’m teaching myself how it works and now I want to make videos with explosions and Iron Man interfaces. So that’s what I’m going to be doing in my last 5 weeks(?) of 2017.

  • writing the feature
  • working on my editing/VFX knowledge
  • writing some shorts to film in 2018


I went to AFI this past weekend and saw three very cool movies:

  • Sammy Davis Jr.: I gotta be me: a doc on Sammy Davis Jr. that was so informative and funny and heart breaking. Sammy was a talented man who never felt like he made it.
  • High Fantasy: A South African magical realism/science-fiction/fable of a narrative that is about  South Africa and the Rainbow Nation myth but to me, it spoke to the effects of racism and colonialism here in America.
  • Milla: A French slice of life about a young woman in Northern France. The director said that the main character is one girl that is like thousands of invisible women in Europe with no hope of a future.

It’s amazing how stories are so specific but still universal.



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