1,2,7,14: Week of May 14th

Crowdfunding + Depression = a very hard week.

I’m going to keep it real with you. I don’t quite remember everything I read last week because I had a bit of a depressive moment. It’s nothing new. I’ve had depressive moments for the past couple of years, I can usually tell when I’m do for a dip and kind of mitigate the drop. I’ve been aware that I’ve had depression for a while.

Last week, my depressive moment went from mild annoyance to actively hindering my ability to get things done. So I decided to allow myself to heal and get back to 100% again. I’ve also decided to take better care of my mental health. Which, means more fun movie watching and maybe slowing down. It also means finding a qualified medical professional to help me manage…me.

I’m still crowdfunding and I’m still working on my goals but I’m not going to be as hard on myself, I guess.

Which I think is good, I may end up getting more done that way.


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