Favorite New Habit: Reading

I’ve always been a reader. Some of my most cherished memories from growing up are going to the library every 2 weeks in the summer and scanning the stacks to find the next book that I wanted to read. Over the years, I think I fell a bit out of love with Reading partly because High School and College had so much required reading and partly because Film School actually wants you to watch movies all the time.

But with my new Habit making journey, I got back into a routine that I don’t think that I have had since I was 12:

Reading a book at least 4 days out of a week.

And let me tell you, it’s wonderful.

I read every day in the sense that I try to read the news every day but reading a book – fiction or non-fiction, has done wonders for my imagination and writing.

The interesting thing about all of these productivity books I have been reading, they all mention visualizing who you are. The idea is that your Actions become Habits, Habits become how you live and how you live is who you are.

This ideas is easy to understand but I’m learning can be very difficult to put into practice.

If you define yourself as someone who is well read, well you will make a habit of reading on a regular basis.

If you define yourself as some one who is healthy, you will make it a habit of eating fruits and vegetables on a semi-regular basis.

I’ve always defined myself as a reader so I have to read books.


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