What went well?

  • I survived the pandemic healthy and relatively happy.
  • I moved a lot. I ran over 100 miles this year and got an exercise bike.
  • I watched more movies made by women of color than ever before!
  • I wrote 4 scripts from scratch.
  • I was a semi-finalist for the Austin Revolution Film Festival for my feature Parallel.
  • I got into painting!

What didn’t go well?

  • We lived through a global pandemic and a very stressful election.
  • I didn’t watch many movies through the year. I’m chalking this up to depression.
  • While the swings were not as wide, the depression did linger. I chalk that up to this year.
  • I lost some muscle definition due to not having access to the gym.
  • I didn’t direct anything.

Some cold hard stats:


  • Top three books:
    • 1. Dear Girls
    • 2. Atomic Habits
    • 3. Lovecraft Country
  • Top three movies:
    • 1. The Forty Year Old Version
    • 2. Miss Juneteenth
    • 3. Da 5 Bloods

What is 2021 going to be about?

It’s going to be the Year of being in the avatar state

I am striving to stripe out more things that are not serving me and get into an amazing flow.


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