TV Thinky Thoughts: Riding on a plane edition

So I’ve been traveling a lot lately, hence the slight radio silence on the blog. I will say this that the new perk of being able to watch TV on a four hour flight is amazing and I want it to never end. While on these Delta flights, I got to catch up on my TV.

  • Parks and Recreation Season 7: This is how a show should end. It was done with love and dignity. I am not too ashamed to admit that I cried a bit at the end. These are characters that people have grown to feel like friends of their own and to see Leslie become the governor of Indiana and President was wish fulfillment done right. I am normally not a fan of wish fulfillment on TV but I was okay with this. I am happy we got to meet Donna’s brother. I am happy that Andy and April got a TV show. I am especially happy that we got to see Ann again. I am going to miss this show so much but I am happy with the way that it went out.
  • Extant Season 1: I tried to watch Extant when it aired. I tried so hard but this show is confusing. I call it two shows in one. The premise of a scientist who goes on a space mission and comes back impregnated by an alien is a show in itself. Molly’s fight for her child and protect the human race is interesting itself. The premise of a man making an AI that could live as a person is a show in itself. The idea of Ethan having to navigate the world outside of the lab is interesting. Again, combining these two high concepts into one show made me super confused. I felt that we never really got a chance to have character moments with anyone because we were racing to the next plot point. I know that season 2 is going on. I plan on checking it out eventually. I am too much of a sucker for black astronauts and summer TV.
  • The Getaway: Jack McBrayer in Hawaii: This show will make you go to Hawaii that instant. I like travel TV in general despite the fact they seem very manufactured. They don’t always show the local side of the locale. This show felt natural and Jack is charismatic and fun enough to guide you around Hawaii. He saw local restaurants, surfed, and even visited the set of Jurassic Park. Everywhere you would want to go in Hawaii.

Flying in general is kind of stressful but as someone who likes TV, the screens in the headrest made it better. I now see why little kids want to watch TV in cars all the time.


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