TV Thinky Thoughts: Summer TV Edition

While I love the Fall because new shows and new season and new obsessions, nothing is as good as Summer TV. We define Summer TV in my house as something that you wouldn’t normally watch. I watched a few things this summer that were great and exciting.

MasterChef (on FOX): I love cooking shows and watching home cooks be expected to perform like people who went to culinary school is hilarious. Also, Gordon Ramsey is fun but our favorite chef is Graham Elliot. He is so nice.

Ballers (on HBO): I don’t usually love HBO comedies. But Football plus The Rock plus Summer is a good time for all. It’s a show that’s easy to watch and follow along with. Also The Rock is the dreamiest.

Graceland (on USA, seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix): I don’t do serious cop shows. I don’t, they get rote and cause me to zone out. I will say SVU does make great writing background noise. But Graceland is slick, smart, and a serial. Everything matters. Things that happened in the first season come up in the second. Consequences actually follow decisions and have lasting repercussions.  This is my kind of cops show.

Three shows this summer. I would normally watch more but Summer TV was difficult to find this year. I am excited for Fall TV. Mainly Empire and How To Get Away with Murder.


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