On the nature of bon soir, sayonara, and all those good bye things, baby.

So, I’m moving to Los Angeles.

I’ve been planning a move it feels all of 2015. It was very slow and then it happened all at once.

But with moving comes the inevitable stress, spending of my money and the good byes.

And part of growing up is saying good bye.

When I think of moving to a new area,  I somehow go to The Aristocats when Thomas O’Malley is leaving Duchess and the kids after they first met and says this great line:

Aloha, auf Wiedersehen, bon soir, sayonara, and all those good bye things, baby.

That line has always stuck with me because A) It’s great and Thomas O’Malley’s swagger is so fun but B) It puts levels to goodbyes.

A Bon Soir to me is defined as permanent. I’ve said bon soir, or Good Night,  somewhat to procrastination and eating horribly in 2015. I’ve decided to say bon soir to self doubt and fear in 2016.

Sayonara feels flippant. Something that I am saying goodbye to that didn’t have a level of difficulty. I would say sayonara to being short if I could. (I could use another 4 inches.) I’ve said sayonara to being broke but I don’t think being broke got the memo. There really haven’t been any sayonara moments this year.

The other good bye things, however, are more of a happy parting. I say these things to my friends that I am leaving on the East Coast. I plan on seeing them again, in person, or Skype, or even both. I’m feeling bittersweet about setting out on my journey west (as my family is calling it). I’m leaving my comfort zone but that is a good thing. I never accomplish anything great when I’m comfortable anyway.

So I say Aloha, auf Wiedersehen, bon soir, sayonara, and all those good bye things to 2015, the East Coast, and the me from the beginning of this year.

I can see the change and the growth and I like it. I like it a lot.


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