Writing Wednesday: December 30,2015

I’m probably currently flying in the air right now as this goes live. The joys of scheduled posts.

This writing Wednesday is super sized because I’ll be going over my 2015 progress and previewing my writing resolutions for 2016.

2015 Progress: My goal was to write more and watch more. Mission Accomplished. I finished a first draft. I worked on several rewrites and I finished 2 and I’m close on a third. I even submitted to several writing fellowships and a few competitions as well. Overall, I would give myself a B+.

Pre-Writing: Outlining a new first draft to work on in January. Preparing notes for #RW31Draft.

Writing: Nothing new. I’ve been packing a lot.

In Revisions:  Finishing up a draft of a script. It’s almost finished. I just need to carve out some time to work on it.


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