Saying goodbye to Abbie and #SleepyHollow

So if you don’t know, one of my favorite TV characters died last week (in a week where 6 women died on TV -but we don’t have an issue at all with killing off marginalized people, nope) and I have to just say I’m disheartened.

Abbie Mills was a terrific character and I followed that show up until Season 2, where it was obvious what was initially sold to us was not what was being presented.

So in honor of that, I’m sharing my Spec Script for Sleepy Hollow. I wrote in around May 2015 for the writing fellowships. This was between season 2 and season 3. So it definitely doesn’t match the show now.

I don’t think that it captures the characters 100% but I remember thinking that I wanted to do 4 things in it:

  1. I wanted to show different dynamics: Irving/Crane and Jenny/Abbie. I felt that they got away from changing up the dynamic duos.
  2. I wanted to move on to the third horsemen of the apocalypse. I also wanted this person not to be connected to Ichabod. That twist was getting old.
  3. I wanted the witnesses to get some outside Supernatural help.
  4. I wanted the apocalypse to spread out of Sleepy Hollow. I wanted to change the scale. Which changes the importance.

So there we have it. Enjoy:Hunger For Change-MK McFadden


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