Writing Wednesday: June 1, 2016


I’m obviously Mushu in the above gif. It has been a time since I’ve updated on my writing. So I took a break, like an accidental writing sabbatical. I was writing but I wasn’t writing. If that makes sense. I apparently needed a time where I wasn’t actively working on anything.

It was a nice break but now I’m rejuvenated and there are ideas that are creaking around in my brain.  I do have one announcement:

So currently reading: I am starting Gary Whitta’s book Abomination that I found on Inkshares.

Watching: Saw The Brass Teapot on Netflix and I’m watching Season 3 of Graceland

Writing: I have a new idea about avatars. That’s all I’m saying about that.

In Revisions: Scripts are getting revised and Lady Timekeeper is about to go in heavy revisions and that is kind of exciting/daunting.


I’m actually going to be updating on the regular this summer. I’m holding myself to it.


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