Too many ideas.



This only happens when I make a firm plan about my next few months. I get set on one point of action and plan accordingly and then my brain is true to form and gives me idea after idea after idea:

  1. Another Feature.
  2. A documentary.
  3. A book.
  4. A pilot.
  5. A short story.

Let’s keep in mind that these ideas have occurred since Sunday.

I’m that dog from Up. (I don’t know his name because I haven’t seen Up. Also, I don’t want to hear anything about the fact that I haven’t seen Up. It’s on my list.)


It’s the most frustrating thing about being a creative for me. The feast or famine when it comes to ideas. That being said, I’m not changing any of my plans. I’m just going to write down all these new welcome but inconvenient ideas  and get as many thoughts out of my head as I can so I can focus on what is important:


The Feature (I’m saying like Gene Wilder says “The Creature” in Young Frankenstein and it’s making me smile everytime). Obviously the movie is Gene Wilder in this gif and I am just trying to keep up.

I sent the script out for notes and I am waiting and letting it rest like a just finished steak. While I do that, I’m working on my pilot and may do some outlining. I don’t know but I won’t be switching gears too much.

I have some firm resolve on this one. So now if you need me, I’ll just be worried about other aspects of my life:



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