Long Time No See

I took an unintended hiatus from my website around November and I am the better for it.

My body has a way of shutting things down when I am overwhelmed and not listening to it. It’s something that started in undergrad, when I would come home for break and immediately get sick. Bodies are amazing and annoying in that sense.

I don’t really get sick anymore, partly because I am much healthier than 21 year old MK and partly because I don’t really go outside due to the pandemic. My outside time is really broken up into the following categories:

  1. Sustenance
  2. Health
  3. Work
  4. Entertainment (which is so very rare at this point)
  5. Friends and Family (also very rare at this point)

Any other reason and I can’t be bothered which has caused my body to immediately shut things down in a new way. (Again, bodies are amazing and annoying). I call it The Buzzing.

It’s a bit hard to describe but essentially, my brain feels like a beehive. There is a lot of buzzing around, mainly thoughts, some important, most not, and an intense pressure. It’s not a migraine or anything like that, it’s just a sense of overwhelm.

I am simultaneously overstimulated and understimulated in life. An affliction that I am sure others would love to trade with me and I can acknowledge that with everything going on, this is one of the nicer issues to have. The fact of the matter is that The Buzzing is messing with my writing.

I can barely write a paragraph before wanting to be pulled in another direction. So I have decided to do something about The Buzzing. I haven’t figured out what exactly but when I do, I’ll be sure to pass it along.

I’m titling my current adventure as Going Analog which you can follow along with here for however this thing shakes out:


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