Writing Wednesday: March 18, 2015

Every week or so, I hope to give you an update on what I am currently working on: Prewriting: A spec script for Sleepy Hollow. I want to apply for some television fellowships this May so I need to get cracking on that. Currently writing: The first draft of a graphic novel entitled “Of FatesContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: March 18, 2015”

Oldie but Goodie: MK’s Beginner’s Guide to Science Fiction

This was originally written in April 2014. I figured I would put in on my blog. So you want to start watching Science Fiction, I know it could be daunting but science fiction is actually more mainstream than people think. I think the science part is what gets people and the fantasy aspect doesn’t help. ButContinue reading “Oldie but Goodie: MK’s Beginner’s Guide to Science Fiction”