Hello Again!


So, I took the summer off…Accidentally.

I started a new job in the beginning of July, actually working 40 hours a week at a desk, doing something adjacent to what I went to school for. And let me tell you: I did not know how to budget my time well. This life of being in a cubicle for 30 years that the boomers want us to live is a sham.

But I’ve finally got a somewhat hand of it and now I’m back. Back to blogging and writing and watching TV and waiting for Fall TV:

  • I’m currently slow watching Stranger Things (NO SPOILERS PLEASE) and I’m enjoying what I am seeing.
  • I also watch a lot of Trash TV during the summer, below are my favorites:
    • Married At First Sight: such a bad idea and so great to watch the train wreck.
    • Guy’s Grocery Games: on Netflix and combines things I love: grocery stores, chefs in uncomfortable positions, and people cooking like me-on the fly.
    • Big Brother 18: I will claim that it was research for a script but honestly, I love Big Brother when the game is played well. This season was very mediocre until very recently and now I’m invested.

I have my Fall TV schedule ready and I have my Zero Draft Thirty project ready to go.

So Happy Fall everyone and I’m sorry for everyone back in school.



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