Writing a bunch and exercising too AKA My September 2016

I wrote 58 new pages this month or almost 2 pages a day.

Now for some of you, that isn’t a lot. But I have been struggling with momentum for the past 3 or 4 months. I equated it to the winter for plants where nothing blooms and it’s more of a prep for a fruitful spring.

Well, Spring has sprung. I finished the majority of a rewrite, still need to tweak some things before the writer’s group gets it. I also started a new pilot (currently at the beginning of Act 3).

I say all this because you are never going to believe what I did to get this many pages: I started working out.

I hate working out, I hate running and moving and anyone who has spent any time with me knows this.

But in the spirit of new year, new me 2016, I tried it. I said to myself “Do it for a month and if you hate it, you can delete the Nike app and go back to eating junk and sitting.”

Well, I didn’t hate it too much and my job offered yoga free once a week at a studio. Nothing like a yoga buddy to make you let yourself be in the room while stretching. I make this face many times in yoga:


But I want you to know…it works. I’m writing a lot, my brain is clearer, and I’m sleeping better.

So apparently, taking care of yourself is not for the birds. I apologize to exercise for not putting any respek on its name all these years.

Now, I’m going full steam ahead into October with more pages to write, more yoga to do, and a Halloween costume to find/make.



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