I’ve been noodling.

I’ve been noodling for a while on something that is scary and a big huge thing.

Noodling to me is more than merely thinking about something. It’s fantasizing, imagining, weighing the pros and the cons. Really digging down and deciding if this is the best thing to do.

So I’ve been noodling.

Noodling on writing and directing a feature.

The urge has been there for years. I didn’t put my self in thousands of dollars of debt with film school to not use my knowledge. That being said, there is a difference between PASSIVELY wanting to make a movie and ACTIVELY wanting to make a movie.

I’ve reached the active stage.

It’s weird. I haven’t really had the urge to direct in years but it hit me in January that I itched to make something. The itch has just grown and grown and now sits in my chest while I go to work and write and brush my teeth. I want to do this soon, like this time in 2018 soon. I want my crew to be all women.  I think my cast is going to be all women. I just want to make a film that is everything I stand for and want to put into the film industry.

Because if not me, who? If not soon, when?

I’m want to write and direct a feature. No, I AM going to write and direct a feature soon.

It’s a scary and daunting thing to say. I’ve glad I’ve gotten it off my chest.

Now I have to do it, which is admittedly the scarier part.

First, the script.



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